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Why It Matters
Picture of John Bolt, former President of Westminster Foundation

While there are a variety of campus ministry programs on West Virginia campuses, the Westminster Foundation of West Virginia is the only organization grounded in the Reformed tradition. Students, faculty and staff at West Virginia’s state institutions need to hear the good news of grace and acceptance, while being supported in their own searching for what faith means to them.


John A. Bolt

Picture of West Liberty University Campus Ministry Students and Pastor Debra Dague

Want to see what's happening on our campuses across the state?  Have a question you'd like to ask the Campus Ministers?  Need ideas for ministry in your church? Visit our Facebook Group page. ​

Join the conversation by participating in theological discussions or talking to students about the ministries you see them doing.

Picture of The Rev. Dean Thompson

Dean K. Thompson is the former President and Professor of Ministry at Louisville Seminary, and a church historian. Dr. Thompson tells the story of one particular Presbyterian student, Syngman Rhee, in a sermon entitled, "SERVANTS OF CHRIST AND STEWARDS OF GOD’S MYSTERIES".  

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