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Support Campus Ministry

If you believe in campus ministry, you can use your energy, your voice and your resources, and join us in the exciting work of campus ministry.


We urge you to: 

·  Pledge your prayers for all those on our campuses who provide spiritual leadership and guidance.

·  Pledge your recommendations by assisting our Campus Pastors through your referrals and encouragement. 

·  Pledge your support by inviting and welcoming our Campus Pastors to your congregation to share their experiences  and assist them to build bridges with your congregation--especially your youth. 


·  Pledge your involvement in this ministry with your time and service.

·  Pledge to champion the cause of campus ministry within our denomination. 

·  Pledge your financial assistance to sustain and build the ministries across West Virginia.


To donate to the Westminster Foundation in support of Campus Ministry, please make checks out to:

Westminster Foundation of WV

and mail to:

293 Willey Street

Morgantown, WV  26505

All donations are tax deductible.

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